HOW TO BE DIFFERENT WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK BLOG  Hello from Goody 2 Shoes. If you wanted a pair of "Designer" shoes you would probably pay upwards of £700. Some footwear runs into the £1,000's.  So what exactly are you getting for your money ? Well a nice pair of shoes or boots that's for sure. Beautifully made. Top quality materials and most of all the coveted "Brand". However what you don't get is exclusivity. I remember going to Dubai once in a pair of Dolce & Gabanna leopard jeans. I loved them and they cost me a fortune. I was horrified when, within 15 minutes of arriving in downtown Dubai, I saw 2 other women wearing the same pair. I was gutted and never felt the same about them again. So spending a lot of money does not buy you exclusivity. My concept for Goody 2 Shoes was to design an exclusive range of footwear. Made to the exacting standards of all "Designer: footwear. Using the best materials and workmanship. Hand made. Unique. Exclusive. Why should beautiful, different footwear, be the luxury of only a certain few. However my criteria was not to have the "Designer" price tag and have not to have them mass produced like the High Street does. So you will find that on our very special shoes we will only make 6 pairs and never more than 30 pairs - and that's for the whole country, in fact the whole world. So what cost this super duper service - as little as £45 and with a maximun of £350 ( and that's using real fur !) So what are you waiting for ladies ( and gentlemen who have ladies in your lives). The bonus now is that all these amazing Goody 2 Shoes shoes are now HALF PRICE so that's an even better reason to dare to be different. 




We are excited to be stocking the new Captain Tortue range of affordable French clothing from the Louis Vuitton stable. Available to order through our Pop Up Events, our Private Shopping Experiences and by using our Contact form to make an enquiry. 


Our recent show at Ascot Racecourse - Ascot Fashion Weekend in October 
Our recent article in Stamford Living 



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